Road Bore Casing

A popular application for the steel pipe we sell is road bore casing, though it is often used for other casing purposes as well. We respond quickly to quote requests and deliver cut-to-length steel pipe, often the same day the order is placed. QFC Services serves a variety of construction and utility industries. All pipe thicknesses and all pipe diameters are available.
QFC Services provides steel casing pipe for many markets. Road bore casing is steel pipe used under roads, highways and interstates as a conduit for the water lines, power lines, sewer lines and any number of other utility access to pass through. When especially large casing pipe is needed, it is custom fabricated to order. Other custom services include beveling and coating the pipe. Steel casing pipe is available for water wells and gas wells and used for drilling casing, surface casing and well casing. Call us toll free at 817-565-3800.

Steel Pipe Uses

  • Road Bore Casing
  • Culvert Casing
  • Tunnel Casing
  • Pipe-in-Pipe Casing
  • Water Well Casing
  • Pipeline Casing for Oil and Gas Transmission
  • Drilling Casing
  • Oilfield Surface Casing
  • Water Utility Casing
  • Bare Steel Pipe Casing
  • Sewer Pipe Casing

Custom Options

  • Cutting to exact lengths
  • Welding
  • Beveling
  • Fabrication of large diameter steel pipe
  • Bituminous Asphalt Coating
  • Coal Tar Epoxy Coating
  • Polyurethane Coating
  • Cement Coating
road boring, carbon steel pipe casing on semi truck trailer
road boring, carbon steel pipe casing
road boring, carbon steel pipe casing
road boring, carbon steel pipe casing