QFC Services has a large inventory of structural steel pipe available for any size job. For those in the ranching industry, there is steel pipe custom-cut and ready to be used to build pipe fence and cattle guards. Structural steel pipe is available for those building boat docks, piers, and pilings. We carry steel pipe that is widely used for sign poles and billboards as well.
All thicknesses and diameters are available in our structural grade steel pipe. We cut to the exact lengths you order, and many orders are delivered the same day they are placed.
Additional services include custom fabrication, welding, beveling, and coating of the pipe.
Let us know what you need. We respond quickly to quote requests. Give us a call 817-565-3800.
We offer structural steel pipe for many uses, including:
  • Steel pipe fences
  • Cattle guards
  • Metal building, steel frame buildings
  • Foundation drilling for piers; the temporary and permanent casings
  • Boat docks
  • Marine pilings
  • Bridge pilings
  • Water well casing
  • Sign poles
  • Billboard posts and columns
  • Caissons
  • Pipe bollards