Road Bore Casing

Road bore casing is the most popular application for the carbon steel pipe that we sell. The steel pipe is often used for other casing purposes as well. We serve a variety of construction and utility industries in the Lewisville, Texas area. All pipe thicknesses and all pipe diameters are available.

Road bore casing is steel pipe used as a conduit for water lines, power lines, sewer lines and any number of other utility access to pass through under roads, highways and interstates. When especially large casing pipe is needed, it is custom fabricated to order. Other custom services include welding, beveling, and coating the pipe.

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We Buy Surplus, Used and Rejected Steel Pipe in Lewisville, Texas

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QFC Services is a wholesale supplier of new and used surplus steel pipe for the Lewisville, Texas and surrounding area. Serving the many industries, we specialize in pipe for road boring, surplus use, and surface casing steel pipe uses.

Surplus steel pipe is purchased from oil, gas and other companies when those companies have completed their installation projects or they have pipe that has never been used. We also buy rejected steel pipe that while it doesn't meet its manufacture grade, it works well for projects requiring a lesser grade. We inspect, grade and repurpose the pipe. It's environmentally responsible and it gives us the opportunity to pass the dollar value on to our customers in the Lewisville, Texas area.

Surface Casing Pipe

We supply companies with pipe for surface casing, (rathole conductor, mousehole conductor, borehole casing), dirt shakers, cattleguards, H-posts for property crossings, fences posts and line pipe in the Lewisville, Texas area. Often same-day delivery is available.

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